Dress Protocol

The conference is a formal event and delegates are asked to dress accordingly. Delegates should please present themselves in formal business attire.

Ladies should wear female equivalent, including a jacket. Hemlines should be compatible with a professional image and midriffs should not be viewable.

Gentlemen should wear a lounge suit or smart trousers and a jacket. Ties must be worn.

Denim and national dress are not permitted.

Delegates not observing the dress code – including not wearing a jacket – may be denied speaking rights in committee or asked to leave.

Dress for the Diplomatic Dinner & Highland Ball

The dress code for the Diplomatic Dinner and Highland Ball is black tie.

For gentlemen, this means black dinner jacket, white shirt and bow tie. A cummerbund or waistcoat may also be worn.

Shoes should be black and polished.

A coloured bow tie is fine for this occasion, but would not normally be considered proper for an evening event. A white bowtie would not be considered appropriate as these are reserved for “white tie” occasions.

Although most gentlemen wear a bowtie and dinner suit, an acceptable alternative is a smart suit, shirt and tie.

Ladies should wear an evening dress or cocktail dress.

Flat shoes are required for dancing at the Highland Ball. These may be carried separately if necessary.

Male guests should please not remove their tie or jacket during the meal. Guests should also not remove their shoes.

A briefing on etiquette at these events will be held during the conference.