Suspend disbelief

Does MUN ever feel “real”?

We want your MUN experience to be authentic. We want you to suspend disbelief and live the role of a diplomat or statesman.

WASAMUN is designed to recreate the feeling of a real-life diplomatic or political summit as closely as possible.

Central to this authenticity are our innovative committees: the United States Senate and House of Representatives, the Model Arctic Council, and the crisis-driven Security Council.

Inventive touches, such as media stakeout interviews with professional broadcasters in the Security Council, add to the simulation’s realism.

Outside of debate, every aspect – from the quality of our food to the social events – has been carefully chosen to deliver an authentic experience.

Exceptional delegate experience

All our committees offer very special MUN experiences.

Our versions of the United States Senate and House of Representatives recreates the cut and thrust of American politics in the country’s only Model Congress simulation.

The Security Council tests delegates’ ability to adapt to a fast-paced international crisis under the scrutiny of the international media, while the Arctic Council examines the fascinating and rapidly changing polar wilderness, while requiring decisions by consensus.

Forming and developing relationships is critical to both real-life diplomacy and the MUN experience. That is why we believe our social events are central to the success of the simulation. The conference’s social programme offers the chance to taste the more refined aspects of diplomatic life and British customs.

The formal black-tie drinks reception and Diplomatic Dinner on Friday night is always a conference highlight.

On Saturday evening, look forward to either the fiendish quiz or Highland Ball with live ceilidh band.

Excellence of debate

We aim to offer an unrivalled standard of debate in an environment where delegates of all standards and levels of experience can access personal development.

Our chairs – who are drawn from leading universities – are central to delivering this educational ethos. They encourage debate that is focused, engaging and paced. Their expert understanding of MUN, model government and the agenda items guides discussions towards key principles.

Innovative rules of procedure in each simulation also drive a high quality of debate.

Inspirational surroundings

Wycombe Abbey is one of the world’s leading girls’ schools. It is an exceptional school that produces exceptional girls.

The School was founded by Dame Frances Dove in 1896, who wanted to provide an education for girls that surpassed that experienced by their brothers.

Regularly ranked as the country’s best boarding school in national league tables, Wycombe Abbey remains a place where academic excellence, empathy and integrity thrive.

The conference is housed in the magnificent Abbey mansion, which was constructed by James Wyatt for the Carrington family in 1798, and set within 170 acres of park and woodland designed by legendary garden designer Capability Brown. The mansion’s beautiful ballroom hosts our Diplomatic Dinner, quiz night and Highland Ball.

Advisers also have the chance to visit our subterranean command bunker, where the 8th US Army Air Force was commanded during World War II.